2017 H1 China Outbound Tourism Review – Webinar – 12th July

Join us for this July webinar, where we will be reviewing key developments marking the Chinese outbound travel and digital landscape during the first half of 2017.

In the digital space we have seen WeChat reach 938 million monthly active users and launch a series of initiatives including: WeChat mini programs, an improved search functionality and a greater push for international payment solutions. At the same time, new content distribution giants are now competing with Chinese search engines such as Baidu, while there has been a shift from mainstream video platforms to short video and live streaming apps.

Similarly in travel space, the overall number of tourist arrivals to popular destinations like Thailand might be dropping due to a crackdown on low cost group tours, whilst FIT numbers are up. In Australia, for example, this has meant more Chinese traveling to remote destinations, including those in the Outback. Accordingly, wealthy travelers are now looking for adventure tourism and personalized travel arrangements.

Roy Graff, Managing Director EMEA, Dragon Trail Interactive and Dr. Minjuan Deng-Westphal, Head of Research at COTRI Chinese Outbound Tourism Research Institute, will join hands to share their insights on:

H1 2017 Chinese travelers’ top travel destinations
Emerging travel trends
Latest WeChat updates and future developments
Travel brands WeChat ranking – H1 2017 analysis unveiled
Travel brands digital strategy – Two in-depth case studies

Webinar Details
Please feel free to select the date and time most convenient to your geographical location.

1st Webinar Session– Recommended for residents in Europe and Asia
Date: Wednesday 12th July 2017 5pm – 6pm Beijing, 11am – 12 noon Berlin, 10am – 11am London
Register Details: click here
Cost: Free of Charge
Language: English

2nd Webinar Session– Recommended for residents in the Americas
Date: Wednesday, 12th July 2017 12 noon – 1pm New York, 9am – 10am Los Angeles, 6pm – 7pm Berlin, 5pm – 6pm London
Register Details: click here
Cost: Free of Charge
Language: English

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