Out of the dedication and passion to promote the sustainable growth of China’s tourism industry, ChinaContact was launched in 2005 by Roy Graff following his return to the UK after 3 years of extensive senior business development in China, on behalf of Gullivers Travel Associates, a multinational wholesaler in the tourism sector. 

Roy has been involved with Chinese tourism since 1996 and developing tourism business in and with China since 2002. He enjoys world-wide reputation as a leading expert on the luxury retail, tourism and hospitality sectors of China.

It is common knowledge that business in China stands or falls based on who you partner with, regardless of how brilliant your product may be. This is why we recommend that you only work with reliable and reputable partners.

Roy has over 20 years of tourism industry experience in business development, marketing, distribution, sales and e-commerce. From 2002-2005 he was tasked with the full scale development of independent travel business in China on behalf of Gullivers Travel Associates. During that time he developed excellent relationships with leaders of the Chinese tourism sector and build a strong reputation for excellence and cultural awareness. He is a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker and student of Chinese philosophy, literature and poetry.

Roy offers his own personal experience and facilitates introductions to high-level executives, senior officials and media publishers in China. He helps brands with strategic planning, high pace growth, crisis management and staffing issues.