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China – the Future of Travel will give you the understanding and insights you need in order to operate successfully in this challenging, complicated but potentially hugely profitable marketplace. You will learn who is travelling abroad from China, what are the best ways of reaching them, how the travel industry is organised in China and how best to show your hospitality to Chinese visitors abroad. This 2015 edition contains many interviews and case studies from experts and industry insiders throughout the Chinese outbound tourism sector, providing practical illustrations and professional insights into current market trends and future developments.

This book is designed to help travel, hospitality and retail professionals understand the trends and opportunities in China and is also of interest to students and academics. It is regarded as a definitive and user-friendly tool for effective promotion and marketing in China. It will facilitate the establishment of profitable relationships with the right counterparts in China and improve your ability to welcome the Chinese traveller successfully. Whether you are just starting out or looking to scale your business in China, you will find invaluable information here.

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Author: Roy Graff

Roy Graff

As a recognised expert in China tourism and hospitality, Roy Graff founded ChinaContact in 2005. It is a boutique market-entry specialist for China’s Hospitality and Tourism sectors. His career to-date focused on business development in e-commerce, online travel and luxury hospitality & retail in China and other emerging markets. Roy has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese and Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. His deep knowledge of Chinese culture, language and business practices stems from his work in academia as well as the public and private sectors. Roy has actively strived to bridge Western and Chinese cultures in the tourism sector, including the conception and production of major forums on Chinese tourism: ‘China – the Future of Travel’ (Beijing, 2004; World Travel Market London 2005-2007).

He is a founding member of the China Advisers Network (C.A.N.) an association of leading China specialists and advisers from various disciplines in the UK. In 2013 Roy founded China Edge with four additional partners to offer strategy, training and marketing reach in China to luxury retail and hospitality brands.



Contributing Editor: Sienna Parulis-Cook


Sienna Parulis-Cook is an editor and writer with a life-long passion for learning about Chinese culture and history. She holds a master’s degree in Chinese Studies from the School of Oriental and African studies in London, and spent close to a decade studying and working in Beijing.