15 March, London: Interactive Briefing on Digital Marketing in China 2017

Dragon Trail Interactive is pleased to invite you to a breakfast seminar on Digital Marketing for China’s outbound tourism market, hosted on Wednesday 15th March 2017 from 08:30 to 11:30 (GMT) in London, United Kingdom, or to tune in for a live stream of the event.
The briefing will be delivered and hosted by Roy Graff, newly appointed Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Dragon Trail Interactive and author of the book “China – the Future of …

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Ctrip buys Skyscanner – What does this bombshell announcement mean for the industry?

The news that Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency that enjoys a near monopoly after strategic acquisitions and share swaps in the domestic market, has agreed to buy Skyscanner for £1.4 Billion Pounds should make waves around the travel industry world. It is a logical move for Ctrip that has made no secret of its global expansion ambitions while doing all it can to dominate the domestic travel market in China. They are taking an approach along the Priceline …

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China the Future of Travel interviews: Renee Hartmann, China Luxury Advisors

Case Study 12: Shopping as Part of International Travel
Renee Hartmann is the co-founder of China Luxury Advisors, a company with offices in the U.S., France and China that counsels luxury brands and retailers on their China consumer strategy.
How important is shopping to the travel experience of most Chinese visitors to the U.S.? Would you say shopping is more important to Chinese visitors than other nationalities?
Shopping is the single most popular activity for Chinese tourists, and certainly …

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China the Future of Travel interviews: Emily Wu, group traveller

Case Study 11: The Group Traveller
Emily Wu is a white-collar professional from Tianjin who works in Beijing. She visited Europe on a multi-country group tour in 2013.
When did you visit Europe?
September, 2013, but I had been to Thailand, Japan and New Zealand before.
How long did you spend in Europe?
Nine days in total for three countries – it’s around two days for each country.
Why did you decide to go to Europe, and …

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China the Future of Travel interviews: Vina Wei, independent traveller

Case Study 10: The Independent Traveller
Vina Wei was born in the early 1980s in Hunan Province in southern China, but has lived in Beijing for the past 10 years, where she works in sales for English-language magazines. She has visited Thailand (2009), South Korea (2010), Hong Kong and Macau (around four times since 2010), Japan (2011 and 2013) and the United States (2012 and 2013).
How do you choose where you want to go?
I wanted to visit …

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China the Future of Travel interviews: Zane Smith, Vation Limited

Case Study 9: Adventure Sports Tourism
Zane Smith has worked in adventure sports tourism, eco tourism and tourism marketing in New Zealand for two decades, including promotion and development of businesses in hiking and white water rafting, and specifically helping his country’s tourism prepare for the Chinese market. He is the managing director of Vation Limited – Marketing Solutions.
How did you get involved with the Chinese tourism market in New Zealand?
Where I grew up, I lived …

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China the Future of Travel: Tips for successfully exhibiting in China

Challenges and recommendations for attending/exhibiting in China
There are several problems shared by all events, for prospective international exhibitors who want to introduce their products to the Chinese market, whether trade or public.

English is useless even when dealing with the trade. If you don’t have an interpreter and Chinese-language marketing collateral, expect your experience to be a waste of time.
Statistics are (nearly) useless. A CITM official admitted that they can get no reliable data on visitor attendance …

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China the Future of Travel interviews: Sylvie Chen

Case study 8: Understanding Great China disparities
Sylvie Chen has worked as a licensed Tour Leader for a leading luxury travel agency in Taiwan since 2002. Her most recent role was Director of Marketing and Product Development, where she was responsible for developing new tour itineraries and maintaining supplier relationships as well as presenting and selling the tours to high-end and incentive clients from Taiwan and Mainland China.
          How did you get into the outbound tourism business in …

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China the Future of Travel interviews: Cindy Zhou, Tong Dao Communications

Case Study 7: Understanding the Segmented Market
Cindy Zhou is the founder and CEO of TongDao Sensi, a company which introduces unique ideas and experiences to wealthy Chinese consumers. She also has many years of experience working in the PR industry in Shanghai.
What are some of the most important/coveted demographics in China today, from the point of view of a public relations professional?
There are two groups worthy of attention: the first is the rise of the wealthy …

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China the Future of Travel: How to handle business dealings?

Working with the trade – business etiquette advice
The Chinese business environment can be very opaque for outsiders. Initial communication in the formal environment may appear somewhat indirect. The Chinese prefer to first set the mood before addressing serious issues, so be prepared to start any meeting with some small talk to create a relaxed atmosphere. When preparing for a formal meeting, it is wise to consider the following:
Punctuality is crucial when doing business. Make sure you arrive on …

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